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Ok, so my patron saint is Carolyn Bessette Kennedy...And I do love the look these days that's more textured and accessorized, BUT I'm a tried and true minimalist. I love monocromatic color schemes, minimal accessories, etc...I'll put up some pictures that I love and then add to things as I go. So if you think you be blinded by the patterned your asked to mix or have an aneurism from the stress of the 80's returning (or not), Feel free to join and/or comment!

Minimalism in the movies

Posted By Bruxa on Jul 8, 2007 at 11:06AM

Minimalism is an elegant "character" in two of my favorite movies, A Perfect Murder and Gattaca.
In both movies, it's used in wardrobe and scenery to add texture to the film.
In A Perfect Murder, Gwyneth Paltrow's clothing is spectacular array of luxury basics that any fashionista would love to own. But however gorgeous her wardrobe, it takes 2nd place to the incredible scenery of the Upper East Side of New York and the luxury minimalism of their pent house apartment. The opulence of the apartment is a distraction from the "emptiness of the onscreen marriage. It's too styled, too perfect, too for show.

Now the real star

photos courtesy of www.aperfectmurder.warnerbros.com

I'll do Gattaca in my next post.
Til next time ~ Bruxa

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